Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The "Car Wreck" Dynamic

"Just as people slow down to look at wreckage, we can't resist seeing what happens to fully drawn human beings who make an unalterable mess in their lives. A skilled novelist can make us feel that 'there but for the grace of God go I.' "
Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell

Just thought I'd share this quote. This seems very true and really helped me understand this predicament. Bell uses The Great American Tragedy as an example declaring it the worst written "greatest book" ever. Although its style is unpolished, often lags, and the primary character turns into a horrible person it is compelling book. I also think The Mayor of Casterbridge falls into this category. Anyways...just thought I'd share...

Miss Pickwickian

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dura mater said...

Just so you know I'm finally getting to read your blog, I am! I agree. I think that must be part of what I like about those kinds of books and movies. I look and think, I could be like that apart from God's grace, or, yuck, I AM a bit like that, but God's grace can work in my life to change me!