Monday, October 5, 2009

The New Blog! Rules and Ideas

Hello everyone!

I'm hoping we can use this better then our old group, Writers_for_Him.

Please feel free to post discussion topics, stuff you've writing, or your own reviews on movies and books you've seen or read.

Please do not use your own true name when you post or address others by their name since this is a public blog.

I would really like to encourage discussion on this! Please be nice when presenting your opinions, even when you don't agree with someone else.

If you have an idea for someone else who would like to join the blog, please email the moderator...that's me...and maybe we can add them as a author. Feel free to invite friends to follow and comment.

I think we can all have a lot of fun with this! Thanks for coming to the new blog!
Miss Pickwickian :-)

1 comment:

Polka Dot said...

Sweet. :-)
This is gonna be awesome.