Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Friend's Poetry...

So this is a poem a friend of mine wrote. He's a guy, so I didn't think it would be totally right for him to join our "ladies" society, but his work should be published, otherwise no one will see it.
It doesn't have a title, but it's really good!
Feedback would be awesome!

When Mountains be high and seas be rough,
And oft we say, "it's just to tough!"

But, then we look, and then we see,
How much closer it seems to be.

The seas have calmed their billowing roar,
And we see the bright and beautiful shore.

With renewed energy we blunder,
Right into more lightning and thunder.

But once more we look up to the Son,
To see our labor is almost done.

Stepping through the gates we behold,
A million more travelers from days of old.

And before passing into that place,
We leave our mark on a younger race.