Thursday, December 24, 2009

Defiance Party!!!!!!

Hi everybody, just making sure everybody is remembering the Defiance Party next week. We should have plenty of extra seats to take girls home in after the New Years dance. Your all invited to come home with us and stay through Sunday when we can bring you back to Church. If you can't make it that way, will be happy to have you any time we can! :-)

Please reply and let me know that your remembering and can make it!

Miss Pickwickian


Miss Pickwickian said...

Oh yes...and do any of you have any recommendations for a chick flick to watch too?


Miss Rose said...

or The Devil Wears Prada
or 27 Dresses
or Bride Wars
or The Saint... its not a chick flick but its pretty funny
or Love Comes Softly
or Northanger Abby :) but you've already seen that. :)
and yes I am coming! :) hurray!!!

Esmeralda Gatsby said...

Yahoo! Hey, I have heard that confessions of a shopohilic is really good, and I've been wanting to see it for a long time, so I'd really really like to see that one. :) There's my two cents. :)
Can't wait for friday/saturday!

Queen of Arts and England said...

We (being a group of friends) do these same sorts of things in Tennessee! I just saw Defiance for the first time two nights ago and really enjoyed it. Have fun!