Thursday, March 25, 2010

Alice in Wonderland!!!

So, technically, Saturday is my day to post, but I’m having a crazy weekend, so I thought I’d do it early to make sure it gets in. :-P

ALICE IN WONDERLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Technically speaking, this isn’t really a review; it’s more of a rave. I loved it. Everything appealed to me; it’s crazy weirdness (typical Tim Burton), the characters, everything! It really was clever to place the story a few years ahead as a sort of sequel instead of making ‘a movie out of the book’. They could make up their own plot without Lovers of the Book yelling at them and accusing them of murder.

It had all my favorite actors:

Johnny Depp! (I’ve only seen him as Jack Sparrow and Willy Wonka; but that’s enough to make me like him.) As the Mad Hatter, he was crazy and brave and sweet and weird and hilarious and sincere without appearing forced and wacky all at once. I loved his dance at the end. :-P

Helena Bonham Carter! She was SO AWESOME as Belatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter. Her role there was similar to the Red Queen; a delusional Villainess. Although, I have to say, I loved how they made the Red Queen a more complex character than just an essence-of-evil villain; she is the way she is because of a background of estrangement and lack of love. You can almost see glimmers of hope for her when she says, “Is it not better to be feared than loved? I’m not sure any more.” (Though of course she denies it in the end). And you can’t help feeling sorry for her when that creepy creep with the eye patch tries to kill her. She thought he loved her! What a creep he was! JERK!

Excuse me.


Anne Hathaway!!!!!! Her makeup was pretty wacky. But I liked her as the white queen. She made me laugh. I want to walk the way she did in the movie in the store one day and see how people react.

Stephan Fry! (He was only the Cheshire cat’s voice, but he’s still awesome). The Cheshire cat gave me bad dreams, though. His grin. Freaks me out.

Alan Rickman! Again, he only did the voice of the Caterpillar, but doesn’t he have the coolest
voice ever?
And Alice. Actually, I found Alice a little annoying on occasion - her attitude just seemed so typical of the young movie heroine. But what I really liked was what they did with the whole Fabjous Day (Calloo! Callay!) Battle and Alice being the champion. Usually, when movies have a girl do the killing they’re trying to score a point for their Feminist views, sort of a So there! Girls can fight too! But in this movie they didn’t seem to emphasis the fact that Alice is a girl fighting and winning, but rather Alice as a person who has lost her muchness, and is finding it again. It’s not about Feminism, or telling us girls can do that as well as boys; it’s about gaining personal courage to do the right thing. Queen Susan fighting with the boys in Prince Caspian? A jab from the feminists. Alice fighting the Jabberwocky? Anything but.

I didn’t think they should have let the Jabberwocky talk. It’s less scary that way. But his purple blood was cool.

And I loved the dog :) He was so sweet!
The movie was also hilarious. In some parts I couldn’t breathe for laughter! I have GOT to own that movie when it comes out on DVD!
Another thing: Though it was weird, it wasn’t merely weirdness with no point. It had a structured plot. It was funny without being cheesy or forced. The characters had depth (though those depths may have been just more craziness) :-P And I liked the song during the credits.
I need a pig here!
So yeah :) I loved it. I told you this post wasn’t going to be much more than saying over and over how much I liked it. But there it is. Beware, I shall quote it often in the future.

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Miss Pickwickian said...

I LOVED it! :-)
I don't like Johnny Depp or Helena Bonham Carter that much, but they did wonderful on their parts and all the other actors where great too!

I thought it was totally awesome. :-)

We have to own it!

Thanks for the post.