Friday, March 5, 2010

Project Assignment

So, what if we all take a day of the week, and we post at least twice a month on that day of the week (or close to...doesn't really matter)?

It's just if we have a day then we'll be more apt to actually post and we won't get a bunch of posts on the same a day or something so people can see them all etc...

Please put out dibs on days. We have 8 people, so some of us will have to share. ;-) Those who don't wish to write much, can share if they like.

Please comment with the day you'd like or any other ideas you have on the subject.


Miss Pickwickian said...

If no one else would like Monday, I can do that and we can get started this up and coming week. :-)

Miss Pickwickian

Esmeralda Gatsby said...

I would like SAturday :-P
I don't think i'd be able to do one a week, but I can do one or two a month :)
I actually think I can manage one this Saturday... no promises... but there it is!

Aisha said...

um I'll take Sunday or Tuesday. Who doesn't want which?
I can't guarantee regularity, though I will *try*, I promise. Sundays I don't usually have anything on the hook, but Tuesdays are usually
Looking forward to what our blog can put forth. :)