Monday, November 2, 2009

After Polka dots and Esmerelda’s incredibly awesome posts this may look puny and insignificant, but I’m sick and not in a very deep and contemplative frame of mind

I’m also really sorry, I know I haven’t been writing on our blog for a long time… it just so happens there are a few extenuating circumstances….first of all, I spent all of last week working on two dresses, secondly I then went to Reformation night, after which I spent the night at Shay’s. When I finally arrived home from church the next day, I had a VERY bad illness of some kind (headaches, congestion, sore throat, etc.) and btw I’m still REALLY sick, so this might be slightly boring… I always write boring stuff when I’m sick. :P

Anyhow…Ok, so I happen to have over 3 million heroes, and I couldn’t possibly pick one, so instead I randomly chose 3 that I like the most at this particular moment….of course that could change within the next 15 minutes…so here ya go!

Hero: Mr. Knightly

Why do you like this hero? Because he is a true gentleman, and I am starting to notice and appreciate that quality A LOT in men

How can you relate? Um… I have no idea really… I’m not the gentlemanly type, and I happen to have a nice nose…

Does he seem realistic? Does this make him more lovable? He doesn’t seem realistic to me in the slightest, but then I’ve given up on ever meeting a guy that perfect, most of them are practically just at different levels on the loser scale.

Hero: Wolverine

Why do I like this hero? Well apart from the obvious… HE’S HUGH JACKMAN!!!!! I like him because he goes berserk when he someone he loves dies(like Sayid! J), which is really awesome… and I can’t really think of anything else at the moment, though I do know he has a lot of really cool qualities and abilities.

How can I relate? Uhh… when I angry I tend to tear people apart with these clawlike things that shoot out of my knuckles… really.

Does he seem realistic? Does this make him more lovable? No, he is totally unrealistic, as I said, guys don’t come that cool.

Ok, now best for last! :)

Hero: Sayid Jarrah

Why do I like this hero? Woah… lots of reasons… He is really loyal, he always knows what to do in a difficult or dangerous situation, he is really incredibly cool headed and brave, although he has a dark past, he is able to put it behind him and behave with true integrity, and um… I REALLY LOVE HIS BROWN EYES!!!!

How can I relate? Yes, I used to be an Iraquian torturer.

Does he seem realistic? Does this make him more lovable? No, he is not realistic, guys don’t come that cool.

What do I think is necessary in a true hero? To start with, everything Esmerelda said! :)I really appreciate loyalty to friends right now.
What makes or break a guy or gal from reaching the hero status? For me…random chance…it also depends on whether or not I am in a good mood when I am first introduced to this character.

I just realized that my alltime hero is actually Tuvia Bielski, but right now I have to go, so if you want to know more about him, read my post of Defiance, it's the best movie ever!!!!


Polka Dot said...

Wow... when you are sick your posts are spicier! You made me LOL. :-)

I'm sorry you're not feeling good! That stinks.

I really like Mr. Knightley, but yeah, he doesn't seem too realistic. :P * depression *

Esmeralda Gatsby said...

Haha! Great post. :) I like Wolverine too.
I wish there were more Mr. Knightlys... or that Mr. Knightlys even existed... :)I'm sure some do, though. :)

Miss Pickwickian said...

I really like Mr. Knightly and Tuvia!

Thanks for posting!

Miss you!