Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Collision Movie

So, I just watched the movie Collision. It is a documentary of the totally EPIC debate between the renowned Douglas Wilson and famed anti-theist Christopher Hitchins basically over Christianity: is it valid, is it true, is it good for the world, etc. Wilson and Hitchens had previously collaborated on the book IS Christianity Good for the World? , and this time they went on a debate tour together. The movie, directed by Darren Doanes, documents this debate tour. Part of what makes it so epic is the incredible importance of the topics: They are essentially debating whether God exists and whether Christianity is true or not. The other reason why it is such an incredible movie is the effectiveness and impact with which they both defend their positions.
With my completely unbiased opinion (hee hee), who did I think did the better job of defending their arguments? I would have to say Doug Wilson did a better job, for this reason: He gave answers to all of Chris Hitchens questions that were satisfactory and that made perfect sense. Hitchens gave him difficult and challenging questions, But Doug Wilson’s arguments answered them completely. Hitchen’s arguments, on the other hand, often had wholes or unfilled gaps that did not fully satisfy.
I felt that Hitchens was severely hindered by his lack of scriptural knowledge. Half the time he based his arguments on something that the scriptures said, only to have Doug Wilson correct him by saying, No, when the scriptures say this, they actually mean this, thus your premise for this argument just fell through the roof. For example, Hitchens made the argument that since Jesus predicted to end of the world to come within his generation, and it obviously didn’t occur, Jesus and his doctrine must be invalid. Doug Wilson corrects him, stating that when Jesus predicts the darkening of the sun and the moon turning to blood, he is actually predicting the destruction of the temple in 70 A.D., which did indeed occur. Thus, Hithcens’ argument right there was shot down due to his incorrect interpretation of scripture.
I also felt that Chris Hitchens is not used to the Reformed Christian’s interpretation of the Bible. He used arguments that normally would have the average Evangelical stumped; but presented to Doug Wilson, he always got satisfactory answers. Many times Wilson would say, Yes, that is how they think; but no, that is not how I think, thus you can’t use that argument against me.
Near the end of the movie, Wilson and Hitchens debate in a pub, with the customers for an audience. They both had to face hostile questions from the audience, but it was apparent that especially Wilson was in hostile territory. I was impressed with how Doug Wilson kept his calm while under fire, and how he was still able to think clearly and effectively defend Christianity during heated debate. It struck me then that had I myself been in that situation, I would have collapsed. I think what this movie showed me was that there are people in the world who hate God, believe he does not exist, offer intelligent arguments against Him, are prepared to insult both Him and you; and most Christians are not used to it. The average Christian is not used to that kind of combat. I thought Wilson did an incredible job under these types of hostile circumstances, and it motivated me to become better equipped for defending Christianity effectively. It is an incredible movie that every Christian should watch.
P.S. I also love the part where they find out that they both love P.G. Wodehouse and are quoting him to each other, laughing hysterically. J


Miss Pickwickian said...

Cool post. It sounds very interesting. I'd like to see it!

Polka Dot said...

I don't like that Hitchens guy...