Monday, November 2, 2009

More Heroes

Ok, so here are some more heroes. :-)

Prince Charmont (Char)
from "Ella Enchanted"
acted by Hugh Dancy

I absolutely adore "Ella Enchanted", the book. However, the movie is kinda... bleh. If they had just stayed with the book it would have been great, but they changed it completely and it was pretty much stupid. If any of you haven't read the book, YOU MUST!!!

Prince Char looks perfect in the movie, however, he kinda acts stupid. : ( But anyway, in the book, he is a very sturdy, realistic, brave type guy. He has brown curly hair and brown eyes and freckles. :-) He slides down banisters with Ella and kills ogres and is just really awesome.

Even though this is sort of a kids' book, it is definitely on my top five (possibly top three) favorite books. It's just really great. At least I think so.

Everyone read it if you haven't! I have two copies if anyone wants to borrow it.

Prince Char proposing to Ella

Mr. Tilney
from "Northanger Abbey"
acted by JJ Field

Mr. Tilney is my favorite Jane Austen hero. His wit and understanding of muslins is far more endearing to me than all of Mr. Darcy's stoic good looks and coolness. I love him both in the book, and the movie, although the movie wasn't long enough to get in all of his awesome lines. :-) I liked how in the movie, they portrayed him as totally falling for Catherine, because in the book, it says he fell in love with her out of gratitude for her loving him or something stupid.

He doesn't do anything too sacrificial... but he is a clergyman, which takes sacrifice. I love/hate the scene pictured above, when he rebukes Catherine after her imagination has run wild and has caused her to at least mentally accuse decent people of horrible crimes. I love when heroes have the courage to do this, even at the risk of offending/hurting/making a girl hate them. (Mr. Knightley is really cool that way, too). I feel so bad for Catherine in this scene, though! She already as completely fallen for him, and if I was her I would just die!

Mr. Tilney is really humorous, which usually is on my qualifications for a good hero. It cracks me up how he is always confusing Catherine.

Well, I've got to go to bed now... so that is all for now. An extensive post all about my current favorite hero....


Eliot Spencer

will be forthcoming.


Esmeralda Gatsby said...

Wow, great post! I never thought about Mr. Tilney that way before, but you're right: he is a hero. He sort of saves Catherine's mind, if you know what I mean, and it takes a lot of courage to rebuke someone like that. Great job! I havn't read Ella Enchanted, but I've been wanting to. :)It's on my perpetual reading list.

Miss Pickwickian said...

Love both of those characters, especially Mr. Tilney. :-)

Miss Rose said...

Oh dear... I was going to do an extensive post on Eliot too.... :( oh well. I LOVE MR. TILNEY!!!! He is sooo funny and sweet!! I really love Catherine too!

Polka Dot said...

We should both do extensive posts on Eliot. :-)