Sunday, November 1, 2009

A couple movie heroes

Well, I'm sick at home and thought I might give this hero thing a shot. I have an extremely extensive list... but I don't have that on hand right now, so I will just do whoever pops into my head.

Dr. Robert Neville
from "I Am Legend"
acted by Will Smith

This is a rather strange movie, because there is very little interaction with people until the very end. Robert Neville mainly hangs out with the zombies (they aren't actually zombies, they are humans infected with a mutated virus thing), and his German Shepherd. I am assuming all of you have either already seen this, or have decided not to see it, so I hope spoilers are all cool with you.

Robert Neville is a hero definitely in the self-sacrificial sense. When he blows himself and the zombies up at the end, he is making it possible for Anna and her young son (people
who found him and told him about the small community of un-infected people in another state) to take the cure and save the world by giving this antidote to these infected humans.

He discovers the antidote after much trial and error (which involves catching creepy super-human strength zombies, locking them in his basement, and having cages of aggressive, hairless, red-eyed rats). He saves the world in a way that is a picture of when Jesus Christ died to save the entire world.

Plus, he is Will Smith, has big cool guns, and a German Shepherd.

John McClane
from "Live Free or Die Hard"
acted by Bruce Willis
Heh heh.

We just watched this on Friday night for Benjamin's birthday. I LOVED IT! We had ClearPlay on, of course, which was helpful because muted out stuff constantly. So, it is probably a pretty bad movie without editing, but it was AMAZING with the bad stuff taken out!

Anyway. So, the hero.

I love how he isn't a genius... more like a supremely awesome brute. :-) (I tend to like those types).

He is a police detective, and is directed to go collect this geeky hacker guy for questioning. While he is at the guy's house, all these bad people start shooting them like crazy, and eventually blow up his entire apartment. Fortunately, John and Matthew (the geek) are far enough away that they don't get hurt.

The main reasons I really like this guy are: he is trying to save the world from being taken over by creepers. He never hurts innocent people while doing all these crazy things to get the bad guys. He has a daughter, who, although they have both made mistakes in the past in their relationship, are reunited at the end after the bad guys kidnap her and hold her hostage.

McClane and Matt start heading toward where they found out the evil dude is keeping her.

Matt Farrell: Do we have anything, like, resembling a plan, or anything?
John McClane: Find Lucy, kill everybody else.
Matt Farrell: I mean, more like a plan, like, a way to do that.


He also has some really good lines about treating people like human beings instead of like objects.

So he is a big strong beater-upper with surprising compassion and humor. (And you guys can't accuse me of being trivial and liking this guy because of his looks... because... he doesn't have much for those. Notice: baldness).


Esmeralda Gatsby said...

Haha, I didn't read the part about I am Legend because I finally got my dad to promise me that he would show it to me. when I have watched it i will read this, but I didn't want to spoil it. :)Will Smith looks very cool. So does his German Shepard. :)

Miss Pickwickian said...

I love both of these heroes! They are both very self-sacrificing and totally amazing!

Good post.

Miss Rose said...

You always like bald men anyway... look at Will Smith :)

Polka Dot said...

Will Smith isn't naturally bald... just close-shaven. ;-)

dura mater said...

Heroes definitely have to lay down their lives for others if they're going to be heroes. And they don't think they're doing something great that everyone should idolize them for. They are thinking about the other person, not about themselves, when they do their hero thing.

One of my favorite heroes is my daddy. He was a faithful, diligent guy that served others without looking for praise. He spent his life making other people's lives better.